Sunday, 17 February 2013

Paloma Faith at Plymouth!

The other day I saw the fantastic Paloma Faith in Plymouth on her 2013 tour! :)
She was incredible and I would strongly advise you to go and see her! She had perfect vocals, and her personality on stage is top. She also came into the crowd during her performance which was lucky for me as I was at the front, so I managed to touch her arm! (I know how obsessive that sounds, but I just wanted to tell you! haha)

So since the gig, I really wanted to do a drawing, I'm hoping that Paloma will see it, this is it below!
I loved all of her outfit as well, she was wearing a beautiful (Soft!) black shirt, and a long shimmery pink skirt, which looked beautiful.. In the beginning she came out holding these huge props as well.. So hard to explain but it looked great!
Last but not least, I always love Paloma's makeup and hair, she had tiny curls that were backcombed or something and there was a lot of volume.. her hair looked gorgeous! Wish mine looked like that.

Anyway, here are the photos, and here is my drawing below!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Paloma Faith Makeup!

A while ago I entered Paloma Faith's competition which was to design some artwork for her new song 30 Minute Love Affair, I entered twice, one of them went on her facebook page! This is the link to the image I did:

But the other was just a fun attempt, and so I thought I'd have some fun playing with makeup to try to copy her look. To add my own touch I wrote the lyrics to her song on the back of my hand :) I hope you like it, I had fun doing it!

This is the finished look. It's all about bold red lips, big brows and dramatic eyeliner, you should try it sometime...

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New updates!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I've been trying to see what Tumblr is like, and have neglected this blog! But in the end, I think this is a lot better than Tumblr, so I won't leave you again :)

I recently have bought some amazing items, and will be doing a haul soon!
I went to the MAC store, and I bought a 219 pencil brush, which is brilliant! I love it, and it is exactly what I was looking for, I use it to apply colour in the crease in my eye, and also to smudge eyeliner! Would definatley recommend <3

Secondly from MAC, I bought some false lashes the 33 ones, they are very subtle and I love them! I am wearing them now, and they are very comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them!
They are very easy to apply as well, which is a massive bonus, and they were only £10 so I thought that was great :)

Thank you all for reading! Remember to check out my Youtube channel!

Love Jelaca Makeup <3 xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Katy Perry Makeup Look!

First of all, I got my inspiration for this look from her Thinking Of You video, I really like it, I think she looks beautiful here, so I wanted to recreate this makeup look.
I used a similar deep plum coloured lipstick to what she has at the end of the video, and I even went as far as copying her hair!

I am wearing a black wig I bought off of the internet, it's really good, I've bought a wig before, that was really bad quality, but this one tops it :)

I made sure I used the winged eyeliner that she so often wears, I think this is what I think of when I think of her, but as I said in the video, if you aren't confident with liquid eyeliner, then use a gel liner or something like that, as it can be quite messy if you haven't done it before.

All in all, I really hope you like this look, please tell me what you think! <3 x

(By the way, I find this photo hilarious!)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Valentines Day! Xx

Valentines Day is less than 2 weeks away! I know that a lot of you will be with that special someone! Although there will be a lot of people that are alone! Whatever happens, you may find this makeup tutorial great for the 14th :)

I thought I'd do a subtle look for the day, as it's good not to let makeup be the distraction, but I added glitter and lovely soft colours to make it noticeable!
I used pink and chocolate brown eyeshadow, with a silvery sparkly shadow under the brow, one of the important things to remember though is not to wear too much on your lips, because if you are going to kiss, then you'll want to wear something light, and possibly something that smells nice? :)
Anyway, I really hope you find this useful! Please tell me if you use it on the day! <3 xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Experimenting with lips!

I was experimenting again haha with lip colour, I used a teal colour and a bright knockout red colour for the lower lip.
I then lined the lower lip in the teal colour, and this is the result! Hope you like it :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dramatic Eye Makeup

This was one of the first makeup styles I did, I find it very dramatic, and although there are parts I would change, I'm happy with the result, it emphasizes the eye, and makes it look larger, which is what my new video on youtube is about, if you'd like to have a look... (How to make small eyes appear larger)
I just added fake eyelashes to the bottom lashes, and used eyeliner to create the point in the corner, hope you like it :) <3